Every weekday during this quarantine, we've been posting five amazing live videos from YouTube since no actual live shows are happening. Our daily posts aren't genre-specific, but every Friday, we also post an all-metal edition. Here's this week's, which ranges from Screaming For Vengeance-era Judas Priest to a couple videos from just a few years ago.

Judas Priest @ US Festival in San Bernardino - 5/29/1983

Here's Judas Priest at the height of their powers, the year after Screaming for Vengeance came out and "You've Got Another Thing Comin'" brought them to new commercial heights in the States, playing the "heavy metal day" of 1983's US Festival (alongside Ozzy Osbourne, Motley Crue, Van Halen, Scorpions, Quiet Riot, and Triumph). They've got the classic (and much-missed) twin guitar assault of K.K Downing and Glenn Tipton intact, and they, Rob Halford, and the rest of the band earn their status as Metal Gods as they seemingly effortlessly rock this miles-long crowd. The setlist is unfuckwithable, the band look and sound killer, and with the high-quality, close-up shots of this video, watching this is about as close to time-traveling back to 1983 as it gets.


Obituary in Tilburg - 10/17/1990

Florida death metal legends Obituary are true lifers and they still put on killer shows today, like last year when they played their first two albums in full. With that era fresh in our minds, it seemed like the perfect time to revisit this video from when they only had those two albums, and when John Tardy, Donald Tardy, and Trevor Peres were still joined by Frank Watkins (RIP) and James Murphy. They played a good chunk of both albums (including their cover of Celtic Frost's "Circle of the Tyrants"), and even with the grainy quality of this bootleg video, you can feel the white-hot intensity of Obituary's show.


Neurosis @ Contamination Festival 2003

We recently posted a video of Neurosis in 1996 on the Through Silver in Blood tour, and here they are during another peak in their career, after A Sun That Never Sets had come out. They had begun their Albini-recorded, post-rock-inspired era on ASTNS' 1999 predecessor Times of Grace, but they really mastered their more atmospheric side on ASTNS, and at this point they were joined live by the mesmerizing visuals of Josh Graham (seen here entirely in black and white, which makes it all the more eerie). This pro-shot video has two ASTNS songs (the title track and "Stones from the Sky") and two Times of Grace songs ("Belief" and "End of the Harvest"), and even on video, it's the kind of set that can make you forget where you are.


Inter Arma @ Saint Vitus, Brooklyn - 3/26/2017

Inter Arma are one of today's finest metal bands, and as good as their albums are, they just might be even better on stage. This show was from their 2017 tour supporting 2016's excellent Paradise Gallows (which we named one of the best albums of the 2010s), and this mutli-cam video really drops you right into the middle of the mind-bending heaviosity that is an Inter Arma show.

Meanwhile, in what is actually a total coincidence, Inter Arma just released this live album recorded in Tucson in 2017 today, and all proceeds will go to Direct Relief, "an organization coordinating with public health authorities to provide PPE to health care workers in regions affected by the COVID-19 outbreak."


Thou @ Brooklyn Bazaar - 6/28/2017

Another album that cracked our decade list was Thou's masterful 2018 LP Magus, and here they are playing three songs from that album over a year before it came out, plus one from 2014's also-killer Heathen and a punishing, set-closing rendition of Black Sabbath's Master of Reality classic "Into The Void." As on album, Thou's live show nails the balance between brutal and beautiful, with vocalist Bryan Funck spewing pure filth as the rest of the band churns out a balancing act between a thunderous low end and blissful atmosphere.


And here's a gallery of photos of Neurosis in 2019"

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