Killer Mike's new six-episode show Trigger Warning premiered on Netflix, and you can watch the whole thing now. Killer Mike also appeared on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert to discuss the show last night, and he told Colbert that the show is about taking "the most absurd thoughts and arguments I've had in my life" and seeing if they're actually possible, from the Crips selling their own branded cola (which he has Colbert taste on the show), to starting a new religion. "I have a theory, as a moral guiding light, Jesus the character in the bible is amazing, he's a superhero, right?," Mike says to Colbert. "He fights injustice with the church, he rallies against government, him and his homies go around, just effin' it up for the system - it'd be a great graphic novel. Only problem is, we don't get our black spiderman." Colbert interrupts, "Because in western society --" "He's a white guy! He's really skinny and his hair's long, he looks like a member of The Doors."

Mike also talked about the show in a new interview with Vanyaland:

[The show] is about an anarchist having control of the status quo. It’s about not being judged because you’re a gang member, and how you can participate in capitalism and use your street fraternity affiliation to your advantage. It means that you do whatever it takes to help people understand the importance of education paths, education that only deals with reading, writing, and arithmetic, or education that teaches you to fix, repair and take care of oneself. For me, ‘Trigger Warning’ challenges the status quo, and it brings people who are unlikely to be together, together.

You can watch the Colbert video and the trailer below, and check out all six episodes on Netflix.

Meanwhile, Killer Mike and El-P's Run the Jewels are expected to release their fourth album this year, following last year's new song "Let's Go (The Royal We)," which debuted in the new Marvel movie Venom. El-P tweeted that the album will "probably hit around summer time."

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