As part of Rolling Stone's second "Fridays for Unity" livestream in the lead-up to the election, Bernie Sanders talked with Run the Jewels' Killer Mike about what his hopes are this week and for the future of the United States. “I want the good guys to win, meaning the progressives that are within the party, and I want to see us stay active locally,” Killer Mike told Bernie, while adding that he's looking further ahead, too. "I think that, as important as this election is, more important is, after this Election Day, we plot, plan, strategize, organize and mobilize as progressives on the ground."

"I have never minded paying slightly higher taxes if it were about a 20 or 30 year investment in America," Killer Mike said. "I'd like to be a very old man knowing that in my middle age I made the right decision in terms of investing in American jobs, investing in American kids' education, and social programs such as health care for 20 or 30 years I'd like to be able to turn to my grandchildren to say that I not only made a deposit in a bank, but I made an actual social commitment to paying my fair share plus some to make sure that I've invested in families that may not have been as fortunate as mine."

Killer Mike told Bernie that he's been inspired by progressives making headway, citing a local election in his hometown. "In Atlanta we had a 24 year prosecutor who's a Black man, but nobody really liked his prosecutorial record. He prosecuted teachers, he prosecuted young men to the fullest extent of the law. He was more about punitive justice than restorative justice. We have a young woman who was more progressive than him, had served in his administration but thought that we needed more progressive policies and restorative justice, and she won the election." You can watch the whole conversation between Bernie and Mike below.

Killer Mike also just put out a very political song with WooDaRealest, and you can hear that below too.

The Fridays for Unity livestream also featured Senator Elizabeth Warren, Senator Pete Buttigieg, Portugal. The Man, Margo Price, Warren Haynes, The National's Matt Berninger, Paul Rudd, Billie Eilish, Padma Lakshmi, Sarah Silverman, Judd Apatow, The Breeders' Kim & Kelly Deal, and more. You can watch that in full below.

Meanwhile, a special Monday edition of Fridays for Unity just happened, featuring an interview between Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Princess Nokia. In addition to joking about how people think they look alike, they discussed having similar backgrounds and a general mutual appreciation for each other. "You are literally in extremely intense overwhelming surroundings, environments, talking to people that have extremely distorted views, that are cursing at you, want to humiliate you, that want to provoke you so that they can create this angry brown trope that is a systematic way to oppress women," Princess Nokia told AOC. "You're kicking butt. You're making a lot of fragile people, a lot of fragile men trip all over see them disenfranchised by such a young, powerful woman that uses her voice unapologetically...I can do it and make people think but you're forcing people to take accountability for themselves, humiliating them in the most possible fabulous way, and it's wonderful."

You can watch that below too.

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