It's well-documented that Jesse Leach, original and current frontman of metalcore giants Killswitch Engage, is a big fan of classic hardcore punk, so it may come as no surprise that he's got a classic hardcore-style band The Weapon on the side, and that they're legitimately good. They just dropped their debut album A Repugnant Turn Of Events exclusively on Bandcamp, where you can stream two songs and purchase the whole thing for $9 or more. A "big portion" of the proceeds from first-month sales will benefit "small venues in NYC," which is why the album isn't on streaming services yet. The band writes:

It has already been a long time coming and given the current state of the world, we decided to fast track the release process of our debut record, A Repugnant Turn Of Events.

[...] Why no Spotify/Apple Music?

A big portion of the proceeds for the first month of release will be going to help small venues in NYC during this economic shutdown that is threatening their existence. Needless to say, SALES will help more than STREAMS!

Those platforms will have the record at a later date.

We appreciate your support and patience!

We are very proud of these songs and they are without a doubt very necessary at this time in history!

Thanks fighters, lovers and friends.

Keep on fighting the good fight.

Stream "No Surrender" and "Enforcer" below and pick up your copy here.

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