Kimbra releases her first album since 2014, Primal Heart, on Friday (4/20), and her tour in support of it stopped in Brooklyn for a show at Rough Trade on Monday (4/16). Kimbra played mostly from the new album on Monday night, but she threw some older songs into the set as well, and followed it by doing a signing. Check out pictures in the gallery above.

Kimbra also recently wrote an "Open Letter to my Younger Self" for Red Bull Music - read it below.

Setlist: Kimbra @ Rough Trade
Version of Me
Hi Def Distant Romance
The Good War
Black Sky
Settle Down
Love in High Places
Everybody Knows
Past Love
Light Years
Sweet Relief
Top of the World

Dear Younger Self,
Need not worry so
For the leaves of this life will change & soon go
You will blossom from anguish & unwelcome despair
But know that I’m waiting for you when you get here
The river will keep on toward our common ocean
It flows through you, a silence amidst the commotion
You are a channel, an echo, a receiver
Lean in on evenings when the winds tend to whisper
Stay close to stillness, your armor in the white noise
A mirror to your flaws but a softness to your poise
I know you’ll take vows that will help you stand tall & proud
But don’t be disheartened when you can’t please the crowd
You are a work, my dear, of art & paradox
Dance in your introspection to see what it unlocks
But linger not too long in your fear of dissonance
It is a necessary intrusion to disrupt your innocence
Dark nights of the soul will quietly shadow where you roam
But in that aching solitude you will find what you now call home
Forget not to look outside
And see g-o-d where she insists to reside
In all things, moments beautiful & tragic
Lose not your longing for childhood & magic!
Remember your parents have more still to learn
Don’t mourn for the bridges you cross then must burn
Forgive yourself when you inevitably fail
Learn to fall kindly upon love that prevails
For well-held you are, though it seems a dense confusion
Stay devoted through ever-growing threats of delusion
‘Forget yourself in the dream of daily life’
Buechner said, in other words, lose yourself to truly find;
A heart that is primal, raw & refined
In the fire of all that you learn to leave behind
Rage with the flames but be not consumed
Because clearly this life isn’t done with you!
Chase the ordinary moments & make unexpected friends
It’s in these small things that you’ll grow to depend
In a warm room, when you trace words on a window of condensation
Remember big dreams all start with small conversations
Older Self


photos by Rafe Baron