Co-founder and vocalist/guitarist of now-defunct NYC anti-folk vets The Moldy Peaches, one half of The Uncluded with Aesop Rock, and long-running solo artist, Kimya Dawson is playing some shows this year. Shes lives on the West Coast now, but she's coming back to her former hometown of NYC for shows on July 13 and 14 at The Safari Room at El Cortez. Night 1 is already sold out but tickets for night 2 are available. Right before those shows, Kimya will play a show not far from NYC at Kingston, NY's Bevelery on July 8 (tickets), and she is looking to add more Northeast shows while she's here.

UPDATE: She's also got a Hamden, CT show at Space Ballroom on July 12 (tickets).

Kimya also released a new song called "Cyclone" a few months ago and posted it along with a very moving story that sheds some light on why she hasn't released an album since 2011's Thunder Thighs. It reads:

I was made to promise I would never release this song and made to believe that I was a horrible person for even writing it. I was told that other new songs of mine should be changed or not released too, by someone who saw themselves reflected in my words and said that if I wrote about them, even if it was positive, it would ruin my music for them - and how could I do that to my number 1 fan? That, and what the song is about, is a huge part of why I haven't released a solo album in over 6 years. My everything used to be based on shameless, bold and unapologetic truth and love. MY messy truth - all cards face up on the table.

But it became about secrecy, lies, and feeling controlled, manipulated, and diminished.

Here's to a new year and attempting to dig my strong, honest, and whole self out of the rubble. Find the bits. And dust them off. And fit them back together. Until I have something I can recognize.

Love to you all.
Love, light, and strength.

The song is great and sounds like classic Kimya Dawson, and hopefully the release of this song means Kimya will finally release a new album soon. Listen below.

Kimya Dawson -- 2018 Tour Dates (more TBA?)
7/8 The Beverly Kingston, NY
7/12 Space Ballroom Hamden, CT
7/13 The Safari Room at El Cortez Brooklyn, NY
7/14 The Safari Room at El Cortez Brooklyn, NY