Kimya Dawson and Whoopi Goldberg

Everything you ever wanted to know is in Kimya's message below....except the location of her April 6th NYC show. That's at Webster Hall! (which makes sense)......

*note- this post is chock FULL of information SO PLEASE DON'T RESPOND UNTIL YOU HAVE READ EVERY WORD!!! AND PLEASE NO "come to..." RESPONSES. i am working on it folks.

alright fiends,

today is the instore in seattle. it is scheduled to start at 3 but i am going to stall so people have to time to get there after they finish up at the caucus. if you skip your caucus for the show i will be sad. i will stall and i will play a long set. so go caucus it up and then come to the show. got it? good. oh, yeah, and i was told that there may be a way you can go and fill out all your stuff on a piece of paper and leave without staying for the whole thing. i am not sure though. either way, go caucus.

Saturday February 9th
Kimya Dawson
@ Easy Street Records
20 Mercer Street
Seattle, WA
3pm, all ages, free

Sunday February 10th
Kimya Dawson
@The Grand Cinema
606 S. Fawcett
Tacoma, WA 98402
6:00-7:00 p.m. all ages
Advance tickets available at the Grand Cinema or get them when you arrive (suggested $10 donation per ticket)

And hey Portland, I told you I would reschedule.

Saturday February 16th
Kimya Dawson
@ Music Millenium
3158 E. Burnside
Portland, OR 97214
3pm All ages Free

There will be another little sumthin after that too, but me and my buddy Donna Dear are working out where.

Then we fly to Berkeley to finish recording Alphabutt which Mariella at K might be able to be released around August! Wooooohooooo!!!


Thursday February 21st
Kimya Dawson
and something potentially Rosa-ish (I am hoping for a Rosa reunion, but it might be a couple members of Rosa singing Rosa songs or a member of Rosa singing other songs. We are working on it)
@ 924 Gilman Street
Berkeley, CA
8pm $5 All ages
this is an acoustic show in an alcohol and drug free space. don't come if you can't be respectful of those things.

Friday February 22nd
Kimya Dawson
@ Amoeba Records
6400 Sunset Blvd.
Hollywood, CA
7pm All Ages Free
with a live webcast

On Saturday February 23rd I will be playing a song at The Independent Spirit Awards. You can watch it live on IFC. Check your Grandma's teevee guide to find out what time.

Then maybe once I am down with the IFC crowd I will get invited to go fishing with John.

A girl's gotta dream.

Sunday February 24th is The Oscars. Juno is nominated for 4 things. I bet people are going to wear corsets and push-up bras and prosthetic bigger packages and lip plumping glosses and super painful shoes. I don't know if I am even invited. If I am invited it will be so weird. I don't do fancy well, and I wouldn't want to be quirky and ultra conspicuous Bjork style. I think I would need to drink a big tall piping hot mug of invisibiliTEA and try to find a seat in the back, big enough for my gigantic ass, from where I can amaze at how miniature the people of Movieville are. I might not even fit in those teeny tiny chairs. Good thing everyone I have met so far has been so freaking nice or I might hate them for being so little and cute.

Just kidding. I don't hate. anyone. ever. president. That fucker.

But yeah, The Oscars are actually happening because the strike is over. And I have been meaning to mention, because I feel like a sucker and a fool, that even though I was PROMISED that The View was not a show affected by the strike it really was. The View has writers and they were on strike. I was told they didn't and I defended my decision to be on there and I was wrong. I should've Googled that shit myself. But I trusted people, who trusted people. The whole aftermath was very fucked up and emotional and I cried a lot about it. I never would have gone on there (even for Whoopi) if I had known the truth. But in a world of people who care about number ones and selling shit and having guests and VIEWers, I need to remember to do my own research. THE BIZ is fucking sketchy. lesson learned.

Then what is next?

We fly home from sunny Calimafornia. Hang out for like a week. And then we drive to Austin, in our minivan, for SXSW.

Wed March 12th I am playing at the K records showcase at Emo's.

Thurs March 13th I am playing at this...

Bowery Poetry Club and HOWL!
11:30 am to 3:30 pm
South Tent, Brush Square Park
Free food, free drink and the best party of SXSW 2008! Ingrid Michaelson, Kimya Dawson, Langhorne Slim, Fire Flies and Kiss Kiss provide the music. Bob Holman, Shappy and Moonshine provide the words.

Sat March 15th I am playing the showcase for Ground Control Touring.

Yes, you heard me right. I got a booking agent for the first time in YEARS and I am actually happy about it. It isn't as horrifyingly scary as I thought it would be based on past nightmarish experiences. This booker is named Eric. He books Bright Eyes too. He is totally prepared to book only all ages, non-smoking, non-ClearChannel/LiveNation shows, in spaces with a kid friendly spot for Panda to chill in. And he is totally okay with me sometimes saying "hey, i have this house show on this day". And he is totally fine with shows in anarchist community spaces and old churches and shows in parks. He and I are working together, so I have less work to do. Which is good because, well, I am fucking overwhelmed sometimes.

So yeah, from Austin we head out on THE BIG TOUR. So far we have confirmed.

Fri Mar 21 University of Florida Gainesville Free All Ages Show in the outdoor Ampitheater. with Angelo Spencer and Paul Baribeau

Sat Mar 22 Skate Park of Tampa Contest Show w/ Band of Horses

Mon Mar 24 The Fort Myers Planetarium with Angelo Spencer and Paul Baribeau. All ages. 7pm. $10

Then we are trying to get something in Miami and then up the coast. We will definitely hit Athens and Durham, but the rest is still being worked out.

On April 4th we pick up our friends L'Orchidee D'Hawai for the rest of the trip.

Philly is confirmed for the main room of the Unitarian Church, like sitting in the pews, on April 5th with Angelo Spencer and L'Orchidee D'Hawai. It will be an all ages matinee.

That night there will be a show at Haverford that will be free for students $5 for non students.

April 6th will be New York City.

Then maybe north of there and then west from there. Then the midwest and over to Colorado, across to SLC, to SF, and back up to the NW.

There will be more details soon about all that.

On Friday May 9th I am confirmed to play Ladyfest London. And on May 23rd I am confirmed to play the Main Room at Paradiso in Amsterdam. There will be more shows in the UK and Europe added. And I will tell you when I know where and when they will be.

I know I keep teasing you Australia and New Zealand but we are shooting for 2 weeks in June. Maybe after June 13th though because that is when Uncle Hukee graduates from the college and that is a REALLY big deal.

On July 5th and 6th I am playing with Ghost Mice in Tacoma and Olympia.

July 18th, 19th, 20th is What-the-Heck fest in Anacortes, WA. I missed it last year and I was sad. I will not miss it this year.

And then...and then...and then...and then...

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