Kimya is the new Feist - outside Sound Fix Records - Jan 15, 2007 (CRED)
Sound Fix records

In support of the Juno soundtrack, The Moldy Peaches will be performing “Anyone Else But You” on The View on Monday, January 21, at 11am on ABC. Please check local listings for time and channel identification, and of course, please tune in!

I'm not sure how I feel about that, and I don't mean because of the writers. It's just...The View?!? Kimya and Adam were supposed to do it on Conan, but pulled out when they realized there was still a strike.

In other news, Kimya scheduled another show @ Sound Fix....

This show is for all of the people outside on Tuesday night who couldn't get in and signed the list that was floating around. Anyone on the list must show up before 7pm. We'll open the doors to anyone not on the list at 7. It's first-come, first-served, so get there early...seriously.

The new show date is January 21st, and speaking of dates: Adam Green's new record "Sixes & Sevens" is out on Rough Trade on March 18th.