King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard don't rest much, having released K.G. in November and not too long after shared new track "If Not Now, Then When?" Now here's another new track, "O.N.E." Opening with some funky congas, the song soon opens up into a big, psychedelic rock jam full of those microtonal, sitar-ish leads that were all over K.G. The video, directed by Alex McLaren, makes use of Monty Python-style cut-and-paste animation. Says McLaren:

The song itself feels as if it’s constantly moving along so I tried to keep the visuals continually moving forward and sliding into different visual styles and landscapes. I felt the mix of stop motion and collage through the use of found imagery and the band would help compliment the tracks lyrics and themes as I interpreted them, of dreams, nightmares, climate change, dystopias, and utopias, as well as referencing events that took place during the making of the video over 2020. All video of the band was shot by Ambrose during the second lockdown restrictions and I had to give notes on shooting and direct remotely which was strange but so was everything during that period.

The press release notes that this is from an upcoming album, reportedly titled L.W., with a quote from the band: "King Gizzard’s new album (y’all know what it’s called) is definitely not coming out in February." It's also apparently one of three albums King Gizzard are hoping to release this year. (You may remember they released five albums in 2017.)

Watch the"O.N.E." video below and stay tuned.

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