King Khan and his then-nine year old daughter, Saba Lou (who is now 20, and a musician herself) recorded a song together, "Good Habits (And Bad)," which was later used to soundtrack the end credits of Cartoon Network show Clarence. More recently, however, the song allegedly turned up somewhere else, and without King Khan or Saba's permission. TMZ reports that the duo are suing Rihanna, claiming she used "Good Habits (And Bad)" in a Instagram post advertising her Fenty brand without authorization.

According to the suit, neither Rihanna nor Fenty sought legal permission to use the song, and the ad was viewed over 3.4 million times. King Khan and Saba theorize, in the suit, that the song was ripped off streaming services to be used.

TMZ's request for comment from Rihanna's representatives has gone unanswered. Stay tuned for updates, and stream "Good Habits (And Bad)" Below.

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