Archy Marshall (aka King Krule) and rappers Pretty V and Jadasea have formed a new band, Aqrxvst, and The FADER points out that they quietly released a three-song EP via Pretty V's Soundcloud and Youtube on January 2. The EP, aptly titled Aqrxvst Is The Band's Name, is laidback and hazy, with rambling guitar and buzzy, experimental production. It appears a darker sibling to Jadasea's 2019 EP half-life, which Archy produced under the moniker Edgar the Beatmaker.

Aqrxvst Is The Band's Name comes at a busy time for Archy Marshall, who just dropped the audio to his 2019 live film Hey World!. Plus, he contributed a remix of Nilüfer Yanya's "midnight sun" to the deluxe version of her album PAINLESS back in November. Listen to the Aqrxvst EP below.

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