Brand New are not the only ones sending surprise packages in the mail. Some lucky King Krule fans were treated to a mysterious parcel in the mail yesterday, which may hint towards new music. The package contained a poster with a Spanish poem written on it, and a fan on Reddit was able to provide a translation:

Slipping in the dirt alone but surrounded
a new place to drown
six feet beneath the moon
awoke a blood sucker
painted objects in black
and blue with projections of itself
it was always about itself
you shake off the insides your guts twist
you feel the smoke and think of her
you and I against the city of parasites
parasite, paradise, parasite, paradise
King Krule

It's been four years since King Krule released Six Feet Beneath the Moon (he released an album under his own name back in 2015). Further details may come soon, so stay tuned. View more pictures of the poster below.

King Krule appears on one track off of Mount Kimbie's new record, Love What Survives, out September 8 via Warp (preorder). Listen to the song below, titled "Blue Train Lines."

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