King Krule (real name Archy Marshall) wrapped up his North American tour in support of his excellent sophomore LP, The Ooz, at NYC's Hammerstein Ballroom on Friday (5/4). When Archy and the band first took the stage, the venue was instantly filled with a wave of noise and chaos, almost evoking an atmosphere you could imagine at a metal show. The entire band then launched into "Has This Hit?" before jumping into the one-two punch of "Ceiling" and "Dum Surfer."

Archy's setlist mostly remained similar to those on other stops of the tour; the middle of the show contained a stretch of keyboard-focused tracks, including "Cementality," "Biscuit Town," and "Logos." At many times during the show, saxophonist Ignacio Salvadores wildly flailed and leaped around the stage when he wasn't playing his sax, and even served as a hype man, leading the crowd to sing along. This was especially evident during the night's more energetic tracks, such as "Emergency Blimp" and "Half Man Half Shark," where it seemed Ignacio was as feverish and wild as the audience.

Soon after, Archy urged the crowd to sing "happy birthday" to his tour photographer Charlotte Patmore and he later played an unreleased track titled "iPhone (My) X," a song he's performed before at several recent shows. Despite the audience being unaccustomed to the new song, it did not deter many audience members from forming small mosh pits.

Archy and the band closed their main set with fan favorite "Easy Easy," which threw the audience into an absolute frenzy, as the entire room was filled with strained shouts of the track's lyrics. Awaiting the show's encore, the desperate crowd began loudly chanting Archy's name, before he soon walked back onstage by himself to begin the night's closing song, "Out Getting Ribs."

NYC experimental rap group Standing on the Corner served as openers for the show. Pictures from the show are in the gallery above, and you can view fan-shot videos and setlist below.

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