King Tuff (aka Kyle Thomas) played in Ty Segall's backing band, The Muggers, and a song Kyle wrote, "I'm Free," ended up on Ty's album Freedom's Goblin. Digging through his archives, Kyle has now shared the original demo of "I'm Free" he made, plus a little commentary on it:

"I’m Free” is a song I wrote a few years back which first appeared on Ty Segall’s album Freedom’s Goblin. Ty had asked me to write a song for him to record and I had this little demo laying around which I gave to him. I never really thought about it much after that but recently I was asked if I would ever release my own version of the song... so here it is! My favorite time to write songs has always been in the middle of the night. The world slows down and the little nocturnal critters start hooting, howling, buzzing, bubbling... there’s just different ideas that float around that you can’t catch during the day. This is a small song about that. The crickets and raindrops you hear towards the end of the song were recorded one night in June in Vermont outside of a witches hut.

You can listen to Kyle's demo and Ty's version of Freedom's Goblin, below.

Kyle has otherwise been quiet, but Ty is as always busy. Wasted Shirt, his duo with Lightning Bolt's Brian Chippendale, release their debut album next week (2/28); his proto-metal-sounding band, Fuzz, will be touring, and Ty Segall & The Freedom Band have more dates this fall.

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