(photo by Lord Fotog)

Seattle riff-n-drone mainstays Kinski, who had a split single with Sandrider not to long ago, will release a new album on June 2. A nod to the band's somewhat confusing discography, the record is titled 7 (or 8), and finds the usually instrumental quartet offering vocals on a two tracks this time. One of those, the Stooges-y "Flight Risk," makes its premiere in this post. Turn it up, below.

You can also check out the new LP's artwork, John Cassavetes and Gena Rowlands, and tracklist, below as well.



01. Detroit Trickle Down
02. Flight Risk
03. I Fell Like A Fucking Flower
04. Powder
05. Drink Up And Be Somebody
06. Operation Negligee
07. Bulletin Of The International String Figure Association

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