Kirin J Callinan pleaded guilty to charges of obscene exposure that he was faced with after lifting his kilt and flashing press photographers at the 2017 ARIA Awards. As The Sydney Morning Herald reports, deputy chief magistrate Chris O'Brien placed him on a good behavior bond, which, as triple J points out, means he won't have a criminal record but this incident will be taken into account if he commits any crime within the next year.

Callinan's lawyer, Christian Hearn, said, "Some amongst the media group ... suggested he 'flip his kilt', so he did. He did it as an error of judgment, he did it in a jovial mood. He did not do it to shock anybody."

O'Brien said, "I am satisfied it was a mischievous manner. You were egged on, I accept that."

Previously, Kirin had been removed from the Laneway Fest lineup in the wake of the controversy caused by the ARIA Awards incident. Kirin "also lost the opportunity to travel through Russia [to play the FIFA World Cup] and he’s lost an opportunity with Amazon," his lawyer said.