The always-provocative and often nude Kirin J Callinan faced some criticism after flashing press photographers at the 2017 ARIA Awards, and now he is facing some consequences for it. As Junkee points out, Australia's Laneway Festival quietly removed him from their 2018 lineup, revealing the news by taking down the original lineup poster and replacing it with a new one that does not feature Kirin's name.

Kirin confirmed his removal from the fest in an Instagram story that posted a screenshot of. He wrote, "To all the kind & inquisitive folk that'a bin reachin out re Laneway ~ I appreciate the concern & I'll address this in time, you have my word. As it stands, I will no longer be performing at Laneway this year."

Brisbane rapper Miss Blanks (aka Sian Vandermuelen) told triple j’s Hack that she voiced concerns about Kirin’s inclusion on the lineup to Laneway organizers, and triple j reportedly confirmed that Kirin’s actions at the ARIA Awards were related to his removal from the fest. Miss Blanks earlier posted an Instagram that reads:

RE: Kirin J Callinan being removed from Laneway Festival 2018.
Today at 5:30pm, I’ll be on @triplejhack expressing my views on the removal of Kirin J Callinan from the Laneway Festival 2018 lineup. I believe in the importance of a process of accountability which is why I applaud the organisers of Laneway’s decision to remove Kirin J Callinan from the festival lineup. His long and recent history of reckless and insensitive actions reinforces an entitlement which permits Kirin and others like him to dismiss valid issues, and normalises racism, ableism and sexual assault. Amidst the ‘me too’ discussions, it’s important to see preventative actions as well as support systems. I feel good knowing that Laneway Festival are working hard with their artists, including myself, to create a more inclusive and safe space for its talent, staff, and patrons, as well as the introduction of the 1800 Laneway program.

Here's the updated Laneway flyer: