Philly's Kississippi — the band led by Zoe Reynolds — have signed to Triple Crown and released their first new single for the label, "Around Your Room." It finds them going in a poppier direction that their 2018 debut album Sunset Blush only hinted at (and that their recent Soulja Boy cover more strongly hinted at), combining bright, pulsing synths with lovelorn lyrics. "I'm a sucker for you, too, because my heart's stuck that way," Reynolds confesses as it unfolds.

The track, co-written with Sarah Tudzin of Illuminati Hotties, "tells the story of yearning and infatuation," as said by Reynolds in a statement. She continues, "It’s about being hopelessly enamored in a way that took me back to my youthful perception of love. It represents those moments where you’re fully infatuated with someone and they’re all you can think about. I’ve written about love in a cynical manner in the past and this song was written as a reminder of the magic and euphoria that comes with it."

You can listen to "Around Your Room" and watch its accompanying music video — which was directed by former Foxing member Josh Coll — below. In it, Reynolds can be seen dancing "around the room" and pondering on her relationship. Stay tuned for more info on the new album.

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