Kississippi, who formed as a duo but is now the solo project of Zoe Reynolds, has signed to SideOneDummy (Jeff Rosenstock, PUP, Worriers, and more). Kississippi's first album for the label -- which will follow 2015's We Have No Future, We're All Doomed EP -- will come out this spring. Details on the album are still TBA, but Kississippi has released a new single, "Cut Yr Teeth." It's instantly clear from this single that Zoe has come a long way since the EP -- it sounds bigger, tighter, and more confident in every way. Zoe made the song with Michael Tashjian (Thin Lips, The Superweaks) on drums, Katie Capri (Fern Mayo) on guitar, and Mary Allen (Tombo Crush) on backing vocals, and it was produced and mixed by Kyle Pulley. If you're unfamiliar with Kississippi but you dig stuff like Waxahatchee or Modern Baseball, you should check this out. Listen below.

No upcoming dates for Kississippi at the moment, but she's fresh off playing Philly with Moving Mountains and Asbury Park with TWIABP. Did you catch either of those?