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Something that stood out amidst all the emo nostalgia on When We Were Young Fest was that those are also the first-announced shows in five years by underrated Canadian nu metal vets Kittie. They haven’t released new music in over a decade, but they never broke up either, and on a recent episode of the Talk Toomey podcast, vocalist/guitarist Morgan Lander hinted that there’s more Kittie to come:

We’ve got the festival — lots to look forward to with that. There may be some other things maybe coming down the pike — one or two things — but you have to watch [our social media]. We might have one or two cool things coming down the pike, but for now those are the only dates that we have. And we’re super looking forward to them. And I think this is just the beginning of… You’ll be seeing us around a little more.

Sounds like more shows are on the way, but meanwhile, it’s just been revealed that Kittie giving their classic 2000 debut album Spit its first-ever vinyl release for Record Store Day 2022 (April 23), via eOne. It’s limited to 1700 and coming out on 140g red vinyl, and it’s an “RSD First” release, which means it’ll be available after Record Store Day too. More info here.

For more on Spit, here’s an excerpt of Dannii Leivers’ 2021 retrospective for Metal Hammer:

Metal has long been a male- dominated space, but was arguably never as testosterone-driven as during the late 90s/early 00s nu metal goldrush. When Kittie released their debut album, Spit, in January 2000, it cut through the baggy pants bravado like a knife. Not only did it go harder and more aggressive than any nu metal album doing the rounds, with shades of death metal cutting through mountainous Korn-esque grooves, it also had thought-provoking and defiant songs like “Choke” and “Suck,” and sought to subvert gender expectations. And with “Brackish,” the band hit upon nu metal’s only genuine anthem of empowerment.

[…] With “Brackish” on constant rotation on music video channels, things escalated quickly and in January 2000, Kittie were booked to support Slipknot on the Iowans’ first headline tour. “We left for the tour, and I just never went back to high school,” says Morgan. “Those first 5,000 copies that we thought we were only going to seek for the entirety of our career flew off the shelves in a couple of days when Spit was released and then it started to sink in, the true size of what was to come.”

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UPDATE: Kittie also revealed that they’re playing Blue Ridge Rock Fest in Virginia, which goes down September 8-11. The rest of the lineup is TBA but tickets are on sale now.

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