Kitty Pryde at 285 Kent in 2013 (more by Amanda Hatfield)
Kitty Pryde

"After all these years of (usually) fooling bouncers, Kitty (Pryde) is finally turning 21 for real," reads the Facebook event for the rapper's 21st birthday party. It's one of her Candy From Strangers parties (the parties Kitty does with Chippy Nonstop and Lina Loves It), and though those parties used to happen at 285 Kent, due to the venue's questionable future, which now happen at Leftfield (87 Ludlow St), where they also threw their halloween party.

The Facebook event also asks you to "please be as 21 as Kitty will, and expect to turn up the way we normally do at Candy From Strangers." Performances and DJs TBA.

Flyer and a video below...


Kitty Pryde

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