Toronto's Kiwi Jr had a busy year despite having tour plans sidelined thanks to COVID-19. Their terrific 2019 debut album, Football Money, got a wide release back in January, then they signed with Sub Pop who will release their second album, Cooler Returns, on January 21. The band's trad indie rock style and sly sense of humor has gotten a few not unwarranted Pavement comparisons, but these guys know how to write a catchy song and you can check out Football Money and a couple tracks from the new album below.

This year has been pretty heavy and one way Kiwi Jr have been combatting that is with light beer, keeping it 4% alcohol or less. They made us a list of their Top 10 Light Beers of 2020, with a little commentary on the situation where you might find yourself consuming it. During the holiday season when overeating is a festive traditions, this list of watery domestics might come in handier than you think.

As you might expect from a Toronto band, some of these may be exclusive to Canada, so keep that in mind and please drink responsibly. Check out their list below.


Kiwi Jr's “Top 10 Light Beers (4% Alcohol or less)”
1. Moose Light aka Moo Lattes (you are at a good liquor store/venue/bar)
2. Cracked Canoe (too expensive/unrealistic but a treat in a green bottle during summer)
3. Corona Light (you are at one of the few grocery stores in Ontario that sells beer)
4. Bud Light (every day beer)
5. Busch Light (every day beer on a budget)
6. Molson Ultra (go habs go!)
7. Miller High Life Light (Tastes like the original, better than Miller Lite)
8. Labatt Blue Light (still a decent selection)
9. Coors Light (There are two light beer options at the store)
10. Sleeman Clear (There are only two light beer options at the store but the Sleeman 24 is on sale and comes with a novelty gift)

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