What's the best comedy show you saw recently?

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The next few days offer no shortage of comedy in NYC. Highlights of the week include:

Live at Joe's Pub 6/22/07, ROFL! hosted by Slovin & Allen and Reggie Watts, presented by The Onion and Paper Thin Walls. What is ROFL?

  • ROFL is the very best of the internet, lovingly hand-picked by eight of America’s most-respected blogger types for maximum freshness and optimum awesomeness.
  • ROFL is high art, low humor, YouTube video, Myspace weirdness, flash animation, web memes, conceptual puzzles, original film and non-sequiturs galore.
  • ROFL is a gong show for the new millennium.
  • ROFL is twelve bucks to get out of the house and meet people who are even more web-obsessed than you are!

The list of participants is magnificent and features Josh Fruhlinger of Comics Curmudgeon and Wonkette, Cintra Wilson of Salon and Dregublog, Michelle Collins of You Can't Make It Up and VH1's Best Week Ever, Andrew Baron, co-creator and producer of Rocketboom, Tony Carnevale of Channel 102, Marisa Olson, artist / editor / curator of Rhizome.org and, Nasty Nets, Stu VanAirsdale of The Reeler, Charles Broskoski of Supercentral. For more information and ticketing, GO HERE NOW

More below....

Broin Out

June Broin' Out w/ Hosts: Leo Allen, Tony Camin
Bartender: Jawnee Conroy
Guests: Seth Meyers, Nick Kroll (as "Fabrice Fabrice"), Nick Prueher and Joe Pickett (Found Footage Festival), and Children of the Unicorn [MOOOOOOORE]

The upcoming days also afford you the ability to catch hip hop icons Cracked Out (Brett Gelman and Jon Daly) at least three times. On 6/20 they're at Europa in Greenpoint with Reggie Watts and MC Chris. On 6/22 they have TWO SHOWS. Catch the first at Greg Johnson's comedy showcase at Rififi at 8pm. They'll then be at UCB Theater at midnight. While your figuring how many times you want to see this unbelievable act, why not download the entire Fleetwood Crack EP for free


  • 6/20/07 8:00pm, Eurpoa: Cracked Out!: Featuring Reggie Watts and MC Chris. This is the only thing happening in the 5 burroughs on 6/20 worth seeing. These dickweeds can JAM!
  • 6/20/07 8:00pm, Rififi: Invite Them Up: Well, if you can't make it to Europa, then Invite Them Up will easily suffice. Mirman is out of town, but Bobby Tisdale is still there to host a cavalcade of comedians including Andres du Bouchet, Tony Camin, Seth Herzog, Max Silvestri, Gabe and Jenny, and, yes, MORE.
  • 6/21/07 8:00pm, Rififi: Get Psyched!: Another Rififi comedy showcase staple. This week includes the one and only Tom Shillue (one of the best there is), Todd Levin and more!
  • 6/21/07 9:30pm, UCB Theater: The Dave Hill Explosion: Not sure I'll ever see anything as phenominal as the Dick Cavett / Rufus Wainwright Explosion, but this one should be a whopper. Guests include John Hodgeman and music from Jonathan Coulton
  • 6/22/07 8:00pm, Rififi: Greg Johnson: Greg Johnson puts on a great weekly show at Rififi. This week features Cracked Out, my idol Andy Blitz, and more.
  • 6/22/07 Midnight, UCB Theater: Cracked Out: See above. Some of the greatest stuff you'll ever see.
  • 6/22/07 11pm, Mercury Lounge: a rock show by Dave Hill's band Children of the Unicorn!
  • 6/23/07 Midnight, UCB Theater: Very Fresh w/ Olde English: Olde English invite a parade of special guests to perform brand-new never-before-seen material at this new variety extravaganza. Featuring Craig Baldo, Chelsea Peretti, Frenzy, and a Special Surprise Guest!
  • 6/24/07 7:30pm, Union Hall: Tearing the Veil of Maya: Eugene Mirman's out of town dominating the 100 Club in London, but that's no reason to miss this installment of Tearing the Veil of Maya. This week features host Michael Showalter with Jon Benjamin, and Hannibal Buress.
  • 6/25/07 11:00pm, UCB Theater: Crash Test: Don't know who the guests are, but Crash Test has NEVER let anyone down.
  • 6/25/07 8:00pm, The Pit: MICHAEL IAN BLACK: I Am A Wonderful Man: YES! Michael Ian Black is doing stand-up! Join Michael Ian Black as he prepares to record his first-ever comedy album, "I am a Wonderful Man." This is a rare appearance.
  • 6/26/07 7:00pm, UCB Theater: MICHAEL IAN BLACK: I Am A Wonderful Man: MORE Michael Ian Black stand-up! Join Michael Ian Black as he continues to prepare for his first-ever comedy album, "I am a Wonderful Man." This is a rare appearance, it's sold out, but it might be worth hanging in the stand-by line.
  • 6/29/07 8:00pm, The Bowery Poetry Club: Brainyaxe!: An awesome new recurring NYC comedy showcase. Featuring Christian Finnegan, Leo Allen, Margot Leitman, and scads more. Highly recommended dude!

Aziz Ansari interviews Fabrice Fabrice @ Bonnaroo 2007 (CRED)
Aziz Ansari & Fabrice Fabrice