Milwaukee metallic hardcore band Knaaves (whose lineup includes former members of Enabler, Die Alone, and Amora Savant) are releasing their debut full-length, The Serpent’s Root, on September 3 via Confluence Records (pre-order). They recently put out the opening title track, and we're premiering second single "Weight of the Crown."

"‘Weight Of The Crown’ was the last song we wrote for the album and it's lyrical content is about the struggle of leaving something or someone you love because of things out of your control. There is always a period of mourning when loss is experienced, but it can also be the catalyst to positive transformation," the band tells us. It's the kind of dark, heavy hardcore that should appeal to fans of Converge and Integrity, and Knaaves do a good job of putting their own twist on this sound, especially thanks to Andy Parmann and Amanda Daniels' piercing dual vocals. Check out the new song below.

The band have a hometown release show in September, and the open the Chicago stop of the Venom Prison / Homewrecker / Call of the Void tour.

1. The Serpent’s Root
2. The Sermon
3. Weight Of The Crown
4. Sanguineous
5. Matriarch
6. Down In Flames
7. Ouroboros

Knaaves -- 2019 Tour Dates
9/13/2019 X-Ray Arcade – Milwaukee, WI *Release Show w/ Wit’s End, Wanderer, Dying Wish, Enemy Of Creation, Bovice
9/22/2019 Cobra Lounge – Chicago, IL w/ Venom Prison, Homewrecker, Call Of The Void

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