Cole Crutchfield, guitarist of the great metalcore/hardcore band Knocked Loose, also has an indie/emo side project called Eastwood, and after releasing some EPs, singles, and a Weezer cover, they've now announced their first full-length album, It Never Gets Easy, due September 18 via Pure Noise.

"I think that people might be caught off-guard by this album, and I hope they are, because I want to smash that cliché that if you’re into death metal or hardcore you can’t play or listen to other kinds of music," Cole says. The album includes the song "Hate to Hurt" that Eastwood released as a single earlier this year, and two just-released songs, "Two Story Window" and "False Start," the latter of which has a video and features Microwave frontman Nathan Hardy, who's no stranger to both lighter indie/emo and heavier stuff. Their voices go great together on the soaring song, which kinda reminds me a little of Straylight Run.

As for the other two songs, "Two Story Window" is catchy emo/power pop that would've sounded right at home on the Drive-Thru Records catalog in the early 2000s, and "Hate to Hurt" is anthemic alt-rock that kinda sounds like The Smashing Pumpkins meets Tigers Jaw. All three are great, as you can hear for yourself below.

1. Fair-Weather Friends
2. False Start (ft. Nathan Hardy)
3. Two Dollar Hamm’s
4. Fine
5. Hate to Hurt
6. Two Story Window
7. Never Age
8. Blood of Jesus
9. I (Don’t) Need You
10. Living the Dream
11. Waves

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