Austin's Koningsor formed in 2016 and released two EPs since then, and now they're set to put out a self-titled EP on April 16 via Silent Pendulum Records. Silent Pendulum has released music by The Number Twelve Looks Like You, Heavy Heavy Low Low, meth., and others, and if you dig those bands (or The Dillinger Escape Plan, Botch, Converge, etc, etc), you're probably gonna like the chaotic mathcore of Koningsor's new song "The Venerable Mr. Locust." It's a killer track that'll bring you right back to this genre's early/mid 2000s heyday but sounds fresh today too.

"'The Venerable Mr. Locust' focuses on the predatory nature of humans against their fellow man," drummer Andy Sadler tells us. "It showcases people who society regards as the lowest of the low; the people who hide their unchecked greed and avarice behind the benevolent facade of a lending hand. We wanted the subject matter to be as intense and dark as the music itself. The video reflects the brutal reality of people being taken advantage of when they are most in need." Watch the video below.

The EP was recorded and engineered by Kieran Krebs and mastered by late-period Dillinger Escape Plan member Kevin Antreassian. Pre-order it here.

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