Legendary Congolese band Konono Nº1 will release the Konono Nº1 Meets Batida, on April 29 via Crammed Discs, and it is the sixth album in the "Congotronics" series. As title implies, it's a collaboration with Portuguese-based producer, Batida. New single "Um Nzonzing," is a good example of their colliding of worlds and languages, as "Um" means "a" in Portuguese and "Nzonzing" is Kinshasa slang for a musical activity performed outside the regular framework. The sounds of Konono Nº1's homemade equipment (and that electric thumb piano) is still front and center:

Konono Nº1 founding member Mingiedi Mawangu died last year at age 85, though his son, Augustin Makuntima Mawangu, has been leading the band for a while. You can also watch a teaser trailer for the album, check out the artwork and tracklist to the new album, below.




Konono Nº1 Meets Batida tracklist:
1. Nlele Kalusimbiko
2. Yambadi Mama
3. Tokolanda
4. Bom Dia
5. Kinsumba
6. Nzonzing Família
7. Kuna America
8. Um Nzonzing

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