KÖRD VÄRLD is the new collaborative project of the legendary Anti-Cimex drummer Charlie Claesson and his PI$$ER/Bring The Drones bandmate James Domestic (also of The Domestics and other bands), and they're releasing their debut 7" Total Distortion next week (2/26) via Kibou Records (UK), Kangaroo Records (France) and Cimex Records (Sweden). They recently released lead single "Empty Vessel" and we're now premiering second single "Ego > Lives," both of which are total raw punk rippers. Here's what James Domestic tells us:

Me and Charlie have worked together on a couple of projects over the past few years – PI$$ER and Bring The Drones – and thought it was time to just do something quick, stripped down, raw and unfussy, hence KÖRD VÄRLD. There’s been no flying between the UK and Sweden like one of us always has to with the other bands we do; this is a case of Charlie sending me the drums and me recording everything else in a concrete bunker at a disused airbase. I then eschew all production values and crank everything into the red!!!!

People say it sounds like a cross between one of Charlie’s old bands, Anti-Cimex, and Poison Idea with an English accent. I’m not going to argue with that!

The track "Ego > Lives" is about the state of political leaders and political discourse over the past few years; things have never been that rosy, but man, these guys are just beyond redemption – they don’t even care that their brazen lies are refuted within seconds with hard evidence. Their followers will swear black is white if their leader tells them it is! People are confusing differences of opinion with blatant lies vs facts and matters of public record. That’s not healthy – that’s tragic!

If you've read this far, you've probably already decided if you're gonna like these songs or not, and if they sound up your alley, give 'em a rip below.

PI$$ER also have a new dub/punk record Carved Up For Yuks due the same day as this KÖRD VÄRLD EP via Kibou/TNS. The label describes it as "the sound of King Tubby and Lee 'Scratch Perry fighting over how best to mix a Discharge record," which is very on point, and you can hear three songs from that below too.

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