Koyo formed last year with members of SeeYouSpaceCowboy, Typecaste, Rain of Salvation, Hangman, and Adrenaline as a love letter to Long Island emo and they released the very good EP Painting Words Into Lines, followed by an EP featuring live acoustic versions of three songs from that EP later in the year. Turns out Painting wasn't a one-off; Koyo will release a second studio EP, Drives Out East, on July 6 via Triple B. First single "Diamond One" is out now, and it features guest vocals by Abby Rhine of Life's Question.

Like on the first EP, it's clear that Koyo are inspired by classic Long Island emo like early Taking Back Sunday, The Movielife, Silent Majority, etc, but they also recall stuff like Shed-era Title Fight and other newer bands bringing back that sound like One Step Closer and Anxious. If you like this kinda stuff, you should definitely check out "Diamond One." Listen below.


1. Moriches
2. Since You Asked
3. Diamond One Feat. Life's Question
4. The World We Claim


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