Krallice continue to drop unannounced new music at a highly prolific rate, and, following August 2020's Mass Cathexis (which features Neurosis' Dave Edwardson), the band have just dropped a new eight-song album: Demonic Wealth. As of now, it's only on Bandcamp digitally (but you can pre-order physical copies from P2), and today (3/5) is one of Bandcamp's fundraisers where 100% of profits go directly to the artist, so today would be a good day to pick this album up. This one seems to be more atmospheric and keyboard-heavy than usual, but still has its fair share of avant-garde black metal fury. They also made a video for the song "Still." Listen to the whole thing and watch the video below.

The album was "conceived, recorded, and executed in isolation" and you can read the credits below for more background on that.

Lev Weinstein - Drums
Colin Marston - Guitars, Keyboards, Bass
Mick Barr - Vocals
Nicholas McMaster - Bass

All songs initiation: Lev
All songs songwriting: Colin
All songs words: Mick

Isolation recording sessions:
Drums recorded at the Mouth 3 on a phone
Vocals recorded in the car by the swamp
Bass recorded.
Guitars, keyboards, other bass, reamping, mixing, mastering at Menegroth the thousands cave.


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