Kramer has been part of NYC's punk, indie rock and weirdo music world since the late '70s. As a producer he's hes been behind the boards for records by all of Galaxie 500's output, as well as Low, White Zombie, Urge Overkill, GWAR, Half Japanese, Daniel Johnston, King Missle, and many more, including a lot of the music he released on his '80s/'90s indie label Shimmy Disc. He's also a musician, as a founding member of Psychobilly, Bongwater (with Ann Magnusson), and more, and has played in touring lineups of Butthole Surfers, Ween, The Fugs, and more.

Indie label Joyful Noise has just named Kramer their 2020 Artist in Residence and with that comes the announcement that he's reviving Shimmy Disc. As part of the residency will be five limited edition 12" vinyl records, each a distinct music project curated and produced by Kramer -- all of which are being mixed on the historic Universal Audio 610 console that was used by Brian Wilson to create Smile and the Pet Sounds stereo mixes, among other classic albums. These will also be the first five releases from the relaunched Shimmy Disc. To get all five, you can sign up for Joyful Noise's subscription service which comes with a top-loading box set to put them in.

The first of these five albums is from his new project, Let It Come Down, which is a collaboration with vocalist Xan Tyler. "I’d been hearing Xan's voice in my dreams for decades, so you can imagine the shock I experienced when I first heard her voice while awake. I invited her to work with me on an LP of songs I'd been working on for a long, long time." That album, titled Songs We Sang In Our Dreams, will be out June 12 and should appeal to fans of everything from Mazzy Star to This Mortal Coil. Listen to the gorgeous first single "Monday," and check out the album art and tracklist and a trailer for Kramer's residency, below.

let it come down

Let it Come Down - Songs We Sang In Our Dreams tracklist:
01. Moonlight
02. Monday
03. One Moon
04. Forget
05. Pennies
06. Two Dreams
07. Vicky
08. Fingers
09. Three Wishes
10. Tomorrow
11. Uh-Oh
12. Four Hands

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