Holger Czukay, founding bassist of Krautrock icons Can, has died at age 79. According to reports in Cologne newspaper Express, he was found at his home in Weilerswist, a former cinema which was at one time home to Can's fabled Inner Space Studios. No cause of death has been released.

Czukay co-founded Can in 1968 with keyboardist Irmin Schmidt, drummer Jaki Liebezeit and guitarist Michael Karoli. He recorded nine albums with Can, serving also as engineer -- including such landmark records as Monster Movie, Tago Mago, and Ege Bamyasi -- and left the band after 1977's Saw Delight. With his solo career, Czukay was a pioneer of sampling, using tape loops ahead of the digital revolution.

Can drummer Liebezeit died earlier this year, and Czukay's wife died in July. Holger, your music truly lives on. Rest in peace.


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