Black metal outfit Krieg (the main project of Neill Jameson) had been scheduled to play Brooklyn's Saint Vitus on August 13 for quite a while, as this was announced back in February. Now, it would appear, Krieg has cancelled, and reportedly Krieg have decided to, at least for now, stop playing live entirely. Via the show promoter on Facebook:

Sadly, Krieg has recently announced that they will cease all live performances indefinitely. Therefore they have regretfully dropped from the lineup. If anyone one is looking for a refund on their advanced tickets, Metal Attack are currently looking into the matter and should have an announcement for you all shortly. Please be patient.

So while it's unclear what exactly is going on with Krieg, this definitely bears watching. That show, which featured support from Fin, Angmar, Unholy Spirits and Dumal, is now headlined by T.O.M.B, the industrial noise-laced black metal outfit. Tickets for the new version of this show are still on sale.

As you may know, Neill Jameson isn't just a musician. He also has an entertaining position as sometimes op-ed columnist over at Decibel. His takes on the "metal controversies” that generally take place on the internet have a way of cutting through the bullshit inherent in the idea of "internet metal controversies." His latest column is a particularly entertaining take on the Morbosidad vs Conflict "cow head controversy," which is about as insane as it sounds. Via Neill's column:

Long running black/death metal band Morbosidad procured some cow heads from butcher as part of their stage performance. At the same venue, the legendary U.K. anarcho band Conflict were also playing. Allegedly, their singer Colin Jerwood wandered in where Morbosidad were playing, saw the cow heads and, as any reasonable person would do, threw a shit fit and (again allegedly) attacked someone in the crowd who (my lawyers are telling me to again use “allegedly”) was somewhat disabled. Then, as any hero would do in this situation, pulled a knife on an underage female in the crowd, thus instigating violence with two people who had exactly (to put it in English terms) fuck all to do with the situation in the first place.

Later on, Colin Jerwood unleashed some Antifa people on Morbosidad at several dates of a European tour that they were on, which is pretty crazy when you consider that Morbosidad are from Mexico and are all POC. Basically, Neill opines that SJWs are bullshit (I'm not sure what he doesn't think is bullshit) when they become the thing they are purporting to be against. Only on the metal internet, man. Read Neill's whole article here.

* update: a few words used to summarize the story, but could be misconstrued as offensive if read as sarcasm, were removed from that last paragraph to avoid confusion.

Given Neill's relatively public position on the internet, one would imagine that we'll be hearing about Krieg's future straight from him sooner than later.

Listen to Krieg, T.O.M.B., Morbosidad and Conflict below.

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