London-based Greek electronic musician Krista Papista recently released the AMAN AMAN EP, which has the title track and three remixes of that track. One of the remixes is by JD Samson of Le Tigre and MEN. JD gives the atmospheric song a harder, danceable edge, and her rework of it sounds great. Here's what JD tells us about it:

I love doing remixes for artist's that speak different languages than I. I love deciphering the content and then feeling the melody without being stuck on the lyrical expression and delivery. I loved working with Krista because she is punk and cares about her music deeply like a lover.

Listen to the remix here:

Krista tells us more about the song:

The song and upcoming video is about a gang of girls who migrated from Greece, Cyprus and Afghanistan to London. They are a a fictional modern, sexually liberated neo-nationalist gang with this song being their national anthem and the red greek flag their banner. The girls like to think of themselves as heroines but others could say they are delusional.

I think the fact that I've been away from the Greek/Cypriot culture for a while (been living in London), writing a Greek song that could be read as a political/ protest/ punk song, I was able to embody a cultural sarcasm and humour that seems obvious in Greek but haven't really created that kind of atmosphere in English .The song can be read in many ways (manifesto / a hedonistic protest), but it definitely directly ridicules and confronts in a metaphorical way Politicians that are now in power in Greece such as the neo nazi party "The Golden Dawn". The video for the track which will soon follow is all about that.

And has this to say about working with JD:

I wanted to work with JD because she's iconic and is filtered with the aesthetics I appreciate and understand. I knew this would be a fruitful collaboration.

Meanwhile, JD Samson hosts (and DJs) her next PAT Party at Brooklyn's Union Pool this Thursday (3/23). This one's with NYC DJ duo and queer-party throwers The Carry Nation, plus Amber Valentine and Carlos Jadraque. It's free.

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