Kristin Hersh is set to release her new album/book, Wyatt at Coyote Palace, in November. The first single from the album is "Soma Gone Slapstick" and Hersh offers some insight onto the title, a reference to the actual recording session (via The Quietus):

Singing is so dumb. An instrument you can't tune, that doesn't play right if you have a cold or hurt feelings. Drumming is better: goofy and falling and precise and muscular. Like a body telling a good joke. Well, it is when you do it right.

Which I refused to do. I made this drum part last all night, through a blizzard, so that I wouldn't have to walk home in the dark. Kept making (faking) mistakes so that I could keep all four limbs flying, do pretty math while pretty snow blew sideways past the window behind me. I heard Soma move through seasons: fall on the rebound, a manic spring, a cruel winter, and through places: California, Chicago, New Orleans, a protest march in Koreatown. When I finished, it was dawn, my engineer and I had coffee and I walked home through fat flakes falling down instead of sideways. Goofy + falling + precise + muscular = soma with a healthy dose of slapstick.

We have the premiere of the "Soma Gone Slapstick" video, a nice straightforward clip which was directed by Orrin Anderson and featuring photography by Anderson and Ryder James. You can watch that below.

As mentioned, Kristin will promote Wyatt at Coyote Palace on tour, including Brooklyn’s Rough Trade on December 17. Tickets are still available.

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