While it was ruled a suicide by officials, the cause of Kurt Cobain's death in 1994 has also been the subject of much speculation, apparently even inspiring people to write to the FBI. The bureau has now made their file on Cobain's death public for the first time. Included within its ten pages are two letters calling on the FBI to investigate his death as a murder, including one that reads, "The police who took up the case were never very serious in investigating it as a murder but from the beginning insisted on it being a suicide. This bothers me the most because his killer is still out there." The same letter also claims that "there were no prints on the gun [Cobain] supposedly shot himself with," and that, in his suicide note, Cobain "mentioned nothing about wanting to die except for the part of it that was in another handwriting and appeared to be added at the end."

Also included in the file are the FBI's responses to the letter writers, one of which reads, in part, "We appreciate your concern that Mr. Cobain may have been the victim of a homicide. However, most homicide investigations generally fall within the jurisdiction of state or local authorities."

There's also excerpts from a fax sent by Unsolved Mysteries documentary company Cosgrove/Meurer Productions, which sum up different conspiracy theories around Cobain's death, citing "Tom Grant, a Los Angeles-based private investigator and former L.A. County Sheriff’s deputy," who they write "has found a number of inconsistencies, including questions about the alleged suicide note."

Read the file in full here.