Kvelertak's livestreamed concert in April was genuinely great, so it's good news to hear they're doing another one this month. They write:

Hello friends!

First of all, we hope that all of you are safe and in good health! We REALLY miss playing shows and interacting with our fans ... but we are fortunate to be able to rehearse and continue to make new music.

We were supposed to be out playing festivals right now and continuing to promote our newest album Splid. Since that's not possible we have planned a new live stream event to try and make up for it. We've booked Amper Tone Studio in Oslo (the studio we recorded Nattesferd) and turned it into a Kvelertak "Game Show" set. We'll be spinning the Kvelertak "Setlist of Fortune" - we've dug up some old classics and rehearsed songs we've never, or rarely, played live before. There will be a proper Q&A and we'll take a couple requests. Everyone who buys a ticket will be entitled to join a competition to win some pretty rad prizes. We'll be giving out a GUITAR, Kvelertak limited numbered skate deck, rare demos, custom picks, signed vinyls, our onstage prop owls, etc.

We had more fun than we expected on the last stream and we hope you did as well! Come join us again!

Thank you all for the support!

It goes down Saturday, June 20 at 3 PM ET (9 PM Norway time). Like the last stream they did, you do need tickets.

Watch "Bråtebrann" from the previous stream:


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