photos by Greg Cristman

All three of Kvelertak's albums have them finding new things to say with some of the most obvious classic rock, punk and metal influences, and it always ends up sounding highly original. It's admirable that this band has been crafting their own sound since day one and that it's arguably better than ever on Nattesferd, but I don't think about admiration when I'm watching Kvelertak live. This is a fun band. When they break out the power ballad solo of "Bruane Brenn" or the singalong choruses of "Mjød" or "Kvelertak" or the unbeatable one-two punch of "Fossegrim" > "Blodtørst" (which closed the pre-encore set), you have to try to think about just about anything. The uncontrollable urge to bang your head, raise your fist, shout, or whatever it is you do at a rock and roll show, is too strong. A band that does that to you every time can remind you why you fell in love with music in the first place. It's a refreshing feeling, and Kvelertak's show last night gave me that feeling stronger than I've had it in a while.

I wrote the above on Invisible Oranges about the recent IO-presented show at NYC's Irving Plaza (4/13) on the Kvelertak / Torche / Wild Throne tour. We've now got a full set of pictures from that show.

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