Stranger Things Season 3 is out now (have you watched yet?), and -- as always -- a key part of the show is the ominous, synthwavey score by Kyle Dixon and Michael Stein of S U R V I V E. The duo will make the live debut of their season three material at the Nile Rodgers-curated Meltdown Festival in the UK in August, and they've also just announced a NYC show billed as "Kyle Dixon & Michael Stein performing the music of Stranger Things." It happens October 19 at Brooklyn Steel (not long before Halloween, good timing). Tickets go on sale Friday (7/12) at noon with an AmEx presale starting Wednesday (7/10) at noon.

Dixon and Stein recently spoke to Billboard about the season three score:

“When Eleven was first introduced, her theme is this girl that doesn’t know how to talk, doesn’t know where she is -- she’s just kind of scared and confused,” Dixon said. “And now she’s like, ‘I’m a teenager, I have powers and I can fuck you up if I want to.’”

Along with a more mature cast, Dixon and Stein said the third season has much more action in store, calling for them to “hype up” some of the sounds they were using before.

“Season 1 is mostly about figuring out what the hell is going on. There’s a lot more mystery involved,” Dixon said. “But this season, you already know that there’s a monster in this world, so it’s like, ‘Oh shit.’”

In between seasons 2 and 3, Dixon and Stein made it a priority to broaden their own horizons. In the past year and a half, they have scored virtual-reality experience Spheres, National Geographic’s Valley of the Boom, Hulu’s Butterfly and their feature-film debut Native Son.

“A big goal for us was to take on more projects that aren’t necessarily nostalgic so we didn’t get pigeonholed into just doing '80s stuff,” Dixon said. “Some of the music in Butterfly could be considered '80s, but you don’t immediately think that, because it’s taking place in the present.”

The duo also told Billboard that they're planning a new S U R V I V E album. Stream the full Stranger Things season three score below.

There's also a soundtrack to Stranger Things season three with songs by Madonna, The Who, The Cars, Wham!, "Weird Al" Yankovic, and more, and you can stream that below too.

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