Sometimes supergroups seem like a way for already-famous people to put their heads together and get even more famous, but L.S. Dunes -- who don't want to be called a supergroup anyway -- seems more like a way for the band's five veteran members to get a fresh start. Those members -- vocalist Anthony Green (Circa Survive, The Sound of Animals Fighting, Saosin, etc), guitarists Frank Iero (My Chemical Romance) and Travis Stever (Coheed and Cambria), and Thursday's rhythm section (bassist Tim Payne and drummer Tucker Rule) -- all helped define a new generation of post-hardcore and emo in the early/mid 2000s, and all helped push those genres in exciting new directions in the years since. This year, Frank has been busy headlining arenas and festivals on My Chem's reunion tour. Thursday have been on the road playing Full Collapse in full for its 21st anniversary, and some of their shows have been opening for MCR. As Anthony Green said goodbye to the now-on-hiatus Circa Survive, he returned to both The Sound of Animals Fighting and Saosin and put more time into his solo career, with which he's opened many of Thursday's Full Collapse shows. Coheed released their tenth album this year and they've been busy supporting it on the road too. And with L.S. Dunes, they're able to do something they haven't been able to do in a very long time: form a band, write a fresh batch of songs with (almost) no expectations, and go play some club shows where they can get up, close, and personal with an audience of fans eager to embark on this new journey with them. Those songs, which make up their recently-released debut album Past Lives, share traits with all of L.S. Dunes' related bands without ever sounding like one in particular, and the record often sounds like a trip back to 2004 without sounding overtly retro. In many ways, their humble, hungry live show hearkens back to those days too.

L.S. Dunes made their live debut at Riot Fest after just releasing one song, and then began their headlining tour the day after releasing Past Lives. It wraps up in Baltimore tonight (11/30), and we caught the penultimate stop last night (11/29) at Brooklyn's Music Hall of Williamsburg. The show was sold out in advance and there was a line down the block to get in before doors had even officially opened -- L.S. Dunes may reject the usual supergroup vibe, but there were still super fans of all the related bands who came ready to give L.S. Dunes a warm welcome. A huge chunk of the crowd already knew the words to just about every song on the album, and some of the songs that weren't even released as singles got the biggest reactions. ("Grey Veins" really feels like a hit.) Obviously everyone in this band played like a total pro -- Tim and Tucker are as locked-in as possible, Frank and Travis make the interplay between their subtly shreddy guitars look easy, and Anthony is as much a natural-born frontperson as he's ever been -- but it was also a treat to see how down-to-earth the band seemed. There was no expectation from L.S. Dunes that this new band would be an instant hit; they seemed genuinely grateful.

L.S. Dunes ended their set the same way they end the album, with the slower, climactic "Sleep Cult," and they brought out their tourmate Kayleigh Goldsworthy to play violin and sing backup on it. Kayleigh (who's also played in Frank Iero's band Future Violents and just put out a live-in-studio EP with Tucker Rule on drums) played most of her set solo, telling related entertaining stories between songs and getting a great reaction from the crowd, and she ended with all of L.S. Dunes (except Anthony) backing her for a full-band finale.

After L.S. Dunes wrap up their tour in Baltimore tonight, they'll do a Europe/UK tour with support from No Devotion, the band fronted by Tim and Tucker's Thursday bandmate Geoff Rickly (who was in attendance last night), as well as Kayleigh. They're also playing Atlantic City's new Adjacent Festival.

More pictures from the Music Hall of Williamsburg show (including local openers Snoopy & the Who?!) by Amanda Hatfield, including one of L.S. Dunes' setlist, below...

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