After talking about their anticipated fourth album since late 2017 and then signing to Epitaph earlier this year, La Dispute have finally announced their next LP and shared two songs from it. It's called Panorama and it comes out March 22 via their new label home. While frontman Jordan Dreyer's lyrics have increasingly headed into fictional storytelling over the years, a press release notes that this is Jordan's most personal album since La Dispute's decade-old debut:

Most of what happens on Panorama takes place on the route Jordan and his partner would drive from their home in the East Hills neighborhood of Grand Rapids to the city of Lowell, where she grew up. Everywhere along the drive are places where, in varying degrees of recency, people have died: a pond where a man drowned walking home in the winter, multiple places where people crashed driving drunk or were killed in car accidents, and one place where years prior a city worker found a Jane Doe decomposed. Panorama is intended to be a wide angled shot of that drive, with the stories of those tragedies becoming focal points but filtered through the sieve of the couple's life together.

Going by the just-released "Rose Quartz" and "Fulton Street I" -- the first two songs on the album -- Panorama is already shaping up to be a step forward musically too. On these two songs alone, they find time to go in a heavier direction than their last album, but they also have some of their quietest, most slowcore-influenced stuff in the mix too. And Will Yip's production helps make these rank among La Dispute's best-sounding songs. Speaking about those two songs, Jordan told NPR:

"Rose Quartz" is a bright white light, then the low hum of tires on a country highway; "Fulton Street I" is two heads in the car turning quietly at passing landmarks, plywood monuments with plastic flowers and the stories that populate the stretch of road between two places. Together, they're the first two tracks on a record born from long drives like that, between a new and an old home, that takes a wide-angled shot of a city and just outside of it. How events there linger on in the memory of all those involved, carrying the characters off in thoughts of grief and healing to other planes and other histories. Everything on the record started with that image — and with the feeling of drifting off in thought toward different worlds — and with this piece, which was written largely in one setting after having scrapped nearly a full album's worth of material.

Listen to both songs below, and get excited for Panorama. Artwork and tracklist below too.

La Dispute Panorama

1. Rose Quartz
2. Fulton Street I
3. Fulton Street II
4. Rhodonite and Grief
5. Anxiety Panorama
6. In Northern Michigan
7. View From Our Bedroom Window
8. Footsteps at the Pond
9. There You Are (Hiding Place)
10. You Ascendant

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