by Andrew Sacher

La Dispute

As discussed, La Dispute are set to release their third album, Rooms of the House, on March 18 via their own Better Living label (pre-order), and they've just released its first single, "Stay Happy There." And don't call this one "emo revival" because especially on this album, La Dispute are nothing of the sort. They're now three for three in terms of making a remarkably different album each time, and at this point they're more similar to a band like The Mars Volta -- not musically, but in the way that they're a heavy band ignoring all trends in heavy music, pushing boundaries, and ultimately just doing their thing.

Compared to their 2008 debut and their contemporaries, you can hardly call Rooms of the House a post-hardcore album -- it's more indie rock with a singer who just happens to yell a lot more than he sings. And while their last LP, 2011's Wildlife, saw the band's ambitions at their highest, this one sees them like Titus Andronicus on Local Business or The National on Trouble Will Find Me, stripping things down a bit and just being themselves but still ending up with a killer record. Take a listen to "Stay Happy There," along with the album's tracklist, below. That's the artwork above.

As discussed, La Dispute will also be going on a tour with the similarly great post-hardcore band Pianos Become the Teeth and Mansions, which hits NYC on April 10 at Music Hall of Williamsburg. Tickets for that show are still available.

Song stream and tracklist below...


La Dispute - "Stay Happy There"

La Dispute - Rooms of the House Tracklist:
1.) Hudsonville, MI 1956
2.) First Reactions After Falling Through The Ice
3.) Woman (In Mirror)
4.) Scenes From Highways (1981-2009)
5.) For Mayor In Splitsville
6.) 35
7.) Stay Happy There
8.) The Child We Lost 1963
9.) Woman (Reading)
10.) Extraordinary Dinner Party
11.) Objects In Space