Anticipating their forthcoming album Paradigmes (set for release on April 2nd via their own label, Disque Pointu), Parisian band La Femme have shared a new single called "Le Jardin."

"Le Jardin" arrives following a string of excellent singles — "Paradigme," "Cool Colorado," "Foutre le Bordel," and "Disconnexion" — but what sets this apart from the rest is that it's the group's first song in Spanish. A moving, heartfelt ballad, "Le Jardin" comes just in time for  Valentine's Day.

To carry the romance further, the song's accompanying grandiose, sweeping music video was shot in the south of Spain, between Granada and Sevilla. "The lyrics were written during a trip to Spain a few years ago," note the band. "[It] is kind of an old-school slow dance which underlines how fate can be random and fragile. The moments we go through, sometimes very sudden, from shadows to light, and vice-versa. All of this, in a Romanesque scenery of the historic city of Sevilla, where the Holy Virgins are omnipresent on the walls, overlooking at mankind and its madness."

The footage is from the band's forthcoming full-length film that will premiere in conjunction with the release of Paradigmes. You can check out the "Le Jardin" video below.

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