LA punks Melted are gearing up to follow their 2018 debut LP Thin Skin with a new album on Open Door Records later this year. More info on the album is TBA, but we're premiering lead single "Who's To Blame," which serves as a promising first taste. It's a gritty, melodic punk rager in the vein of Shed-era Title Fight, and if you miss that band/era, you should check this out.

"The song 'Who’s to Blame' came at an introspective time in my life, inspired by the reflection I was doing about my mental and physical health," guitarist/vocalist Justin Eckley tells us. "As most humans do, I was trying to deflect, blame others, and excuse destructive behavior. The lyrics were originally not going to make it on the record as I wrote them solely as a form of private accountability, but when the music started to come together, I couldn’t help but sing those words, and it ended up being our favorite song we’ve written."

Listen below and stay tuned for more.


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