LA rapper YUNGMORPHEUS has been building up a reputation as a reliable staple of the rap underground, and a very prolific one too. He already released the very good LP States of Precarity in January, and he's got another full-length album, Thumbing Thru Foliage, arriving on March 5 via Bad Taste (pre-order). States of Precarity was self-produced but this one's a collaboration with producer ewonee, and ewonee brings a much different vibe to the table, favoring big, clear arrangements compared to States of Precarity's hazy psychedelia.

"I consider this album a call to action of sorts," YUNGMORPHEUS said. "The world is rife with distractions and oppressive tactics but niggas move through it nonetheless ! Respect to ewonee for providing a beautiful backdrop for me to get some much needed shit off my chest. Maneuver through the foliage yall...Power to all black people ! Salute to those who listen."

We're premiering new single "Sovereignty," which finds YUNGMORPHEUS delivering his calm yet incisive lyricism over a backdrop of lush, vintage soul. "We really tryna pick up the pieces that have been scattered to form a world that makes sense," YUNGMORPHEUS tells us of this song. "This joint wild close to home; wrote this with a lot on my mind in relation to self-sufficiency...Taking ownership of a nigga life experiences to reach the truest true—tryna gain sovereignty over some land next..."

Listen to the new single and watch the video for previous single "FistfulofGreens" below.