While immersed in CMJ nonsense, I almost missed an email alerting me to yet another Philly gear theft. This time the band is Ireland's La Rocca who recently toured with Phoenix, and whose new record is out on dangerbird (home of Silversun Pickups).

If anyone in the Philly area sees or gets offered anything suspicious that they think might once have been ours.. a lot of our stuff has LAROCCA stencilled on it.... let us know.

We'll keep you posted.

If you see ANY of the following instruments - or the van itself - please contact us ASAP. Thanks. Stolen in Philadelphia today (November 6, 2006)

License 3VN W138

(most in cases and with La Rocca stencilled on side)

Roland XP30 (BP56576)
Yamaha P60 (UALJO1238)

Rickenbacker 4005 Bass (23884)
Fender Precision Bass (B157333)
Ampeg Bass Cabinet 8x10
Ashdown Bass Head 500 (21094-03GS)

Yamaha Oak Custom Drum Kit

Fender Telecaster (M23004737)
Gibson L6-S (501266)
Martin DXK2 Dreadnought Acoustic
Tanglewood Acoustic (TWOSJCE-LH)
Fender DeVille Twin Amplifier (B-213552)

Line 6 Delay Modeler Pedal
Boss Tuner Pedal x 3
Boss Overdrive Pedal

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