Slowkiss are originally from Santiago, Chile -- which is known for having one of South America's thriving rock scenes -- but they're now based in LA, where they're working on new material. Last year, they released the Ultraviolet EP, which is getting a vinyl release in April via Wiretap Records (pre-order), and we're premiering the video for "Erase Me" off of that EP. Fronted by the sugar sweet harmonies of Elisa Froti and Vicky Cordero, Slowkiss offer up grungy, '90s-inspired rock that gets heavy but has a tender side. Fans of Veruca Salt, that dog. Pixies, Weezer, and other stuff like that should probably check this out. Here's what Elisa tells us about the video:

We were so excited to shoot this video while we were back in Chile. The shots around the city at night were done guerilla-style with one camera that we held under our chins while our heads were out of the car window. Not very safe, but it was fun! The colors in the visuals match the vibe - we're really stoked on how it turned out!

Watch below.

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