Lacrima aka the Tombs Await Outside is a new band with some familiar faces from the screamo world: Seth Babb (Funeral Diner) on vocals, Shawn Decker (Coma Regalia, Plague Walker, etc) on drums/guitar, Tom Schlatter (You and I, Hundreds of AU, Capacities, etc) on bass, and Christopher Rodriguez (Massa Nera) on guitar. The band's bio reads:

Lacrima aka the Tombs Await Outside came together when Christopher Rodriguez and Shawn Decker started sending phone recordings back and forth of parts they'd like to turn into songs. After a little bit of this they decided to record what they had. Shawn tracked drums and one set of guitars and Christopher tracked the other. Later they'd ask Tom Schlatter to do the bass and finally Shawn would ask long time friend Seth Babb to do the vocals. The result is Cartography.

Cartography is a five-song 7" (limited to 300 copies) due February 17 via Middle-Man Records (USA), React With Protest (Germany), and Zegema Beach Records (Canada). We're premiering one of its songs, "Lineweight," along with its VHS-era style video created by Bobby Markos (of Cloakroom, Native, and Stay Ahead of the Weather).

As you'd probably expect from a lineup like this, the song is a high quality offering of raw, '90s-style screamo, as caustic as it is melodic and as nostalgic as it is fresh. It's a promising first taste of this 7", as you can check out for yourself below.

Shawn adds that Lacrima plan to write and release more songs after this 7", "hopefully over the course of 2021," and play shows if and when that becomes possible again. Stay tuned.

In related news, pre-orders just went up for purple vinyl copies of Coma Regalia's 2020 album Marked (which we included on our list of great screamo releases of 2020). You can pick that up from Middle-Man (USA), I Corrupt Records (Germany), Clever Eagle Records (USA), Zegema Beach (Canada), Pundonor Records (Spain), and Shove Records (Italy).

Coma Regalia

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