She Shreds magazine is celebrating its 10th issue release with an AdHoc-presented show at NYC's Market Hotel on May 21. It's a solid lineup with Lady Lamb, Allison Crutchfield, Field Mouse, and Holly Miranda. Tickets are on sale now.

Before that show, Holly Miranda kicks off her four-show residency at Brooklyn's Hell Phone on Thursday (4/28), with shows on May 5, May 19, and May 26. Tickets for those shows are still on sale.

She Shreds managing editor and Radiator Hospital guitarist Cynthia Schemmer recently debuted her solo project Swanning and will release her debut LP Drawing Down the Moon on May 27 via Salinas Records. The first single off the album, "Drawing Down the Moon," has a sound not far removed from Waxahatchee, who her Radiator Hospital bandmate Sam Cook-Parrott used to play bass for. Listen to it below.

Schemmere shared a personal essay about expressing the grief she experienced after losing her mother to cancer as inspiration for the album, saying:

My mother bought me my first guitar when I was thirteen, unprompted, just because she thought I would like to play. She asked me to play her songs, but I was too young and uncomfortable with myself, and so I never did. Later today, I am announcing and releasing the first song of a record I wrote, Drawing Down the Moon—a record that is rooted in the deep process and change that have occurred since she died ten years ago. They are the songs I never played her. They are the dissolution of fear, the beginning of something new, the danger and the truth, the new wooden beams amongst the old.

Read the rest of it here.

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