The first time Lady Sovereign played Knitting Factory in NYC, she was supposedly suffering from McDonalds food poisoning. This time around she played a successful show and joked that she only eats Burger King now. The next night at Silk City in Philly didn't go so well. The sound wasn't working properly so she walked off the stage after only playing one song. The sold-out crowd was not happy at all.

Lady Sov sent a message to fans via a message board:

To all the fans who attended....
We want to clarify something about Sov's show last night in Philadelphia...the promoter has issued a public apology and refunds to anyone that wants them. He takes full responsibility for what happened as far as the show went. Basically, he had gotten the equipment from a place he had never rented from before, and it ended up being stotally ub-standard. She literally could not hear herself on stage. An example of the problems is we had taken all the DJ equipment from the UK and the promoter hadn't even provided a transistor for transferring the equipment to a US power supply, so equipment was blowing out on stage, you cannot perform under such circumstances. All the equipment had been agreed weeks before with the promoter and should never have been a problem supplying.

Sov asked me to post a message from her: " last night was a massive disappointment, I was well excited to be laying Philadelphia for the first time. The equipment in the club was shit, I could not hear anything on stage and even though I tried to roll with it by doing 2 tracks it just got worse and worse to the point I couldn't continue like that, it's not fair i was well up for it".

Sov will come back to Philadelphia soon, and perform again, next time hopefully without any of these problems.

I'd be pissed too.

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